Value Your Trade

If you’re ready to drive around Murfreesboro, TN in a new Hyundai vehicle, you’re likely left with a very important question – what will you do with the car you’re currently driving? Getting your old car off your hands can be tricky as there aren’t many options. You could try to sell your car on your own, but this can lead to headaches of taking the time to make the listing, find the right buyer, transfer the title, and so forth. That’s why we always suggest that you trade in your old car with us at .

When you trade in the car you no longer need, you’ll get what’s called a trade-in value of what your car is worth. This number is based on a lot of different factors like the age, condition, and trim level of your car, but it’s usually a pretty significant amount – often enough to provide a substantial boost to your budget. This is definitely the biggest perk of trading in your vehicle. What you do with the extra money is your choice, but many shoppers use it to bolster their down payment for lower monthly payments or increase their shopping budget to afford a higher trim level or extra packages.

How to Get Your Trade-In Value from Wilson County Hyundai

At Wilson County Hyundai, we use Kelley Blue Book┬« to give you an accurate, fair market-value for your car. To get your Kelley Blue Book value from Wilson County Hyundai simply use our integrated tool on our website that will ask you a series of questions about your current car like the make, model, trim level, and mileage. The form will also include a few questions about the car you’re looking to purchase from us at Wilson County Hyundai. When you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive correspondence with the trade-in value of your car no need for formulas or figures to estimate it yourself. It couldn’t be easier to get your fair trade-in value from Wilson County Hyundai!

Save on Your New Hyundai

Once you’ve finished the trade valuing process, and you know exactly what budget you have to shop with, you’ll be able to focus on the most fun part of getting a new car: browsing our extensive Hyundai inventory and taking your favorite models out for a test drive. Get the trade-in value for your old car today at Wilson County Hyundai, then stop in and see us when you’re ready for the next steps. We look forward to shopping with you soon!


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