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Hyundai Sonata: Value Packed & Feature Filled

It may tend to get lost in all the hoopla surrounding crossover vehicles at the current time, but some automakers are definitely putting their best foot forward when it comes to . Fuel efficiency continues to improve with each successive generation. Styling has become more and more bold. Plus - technology options are becoming more plentiful and advanced.

Hyundai's Sonata has long been the superior value in the midsized sedan segment, but now it has reached a point where it's on par with or superior to the competition when it comes to features, equipment, and amenities. What does that mean to you? Well, simply put, it means that when you purchase or lease a Sonata you're not only going to save money, but you're also going to get tons of "goodies" with the vehicle, as well.

Unlike vehicles from Honda and Toyota, with the Sonata you get premium equipment on even the base trim level. It's also an incredibly spacious vehicle, which means you can haul friends and family in style for long road trips outside the .

There's also the Sonata's warranty to consider.

The midsized sedan from Hyundai is backed by one of the longest and strongest powertrain protections plans in the automotive industry. Honda and Toyota can't come close to matching this standard warranty. It's just another reason why the Sonata should be first on your list when it comes time to purchase or lease a new vehicle.

Like what you have heard so far?

If so, we strongly urge you to schedule a Sonata test drive at . We could go on and on about all the incredible benefits of the Sonata, but nothing beats an in-person evaluation. Once you step inside the Sonata and experience the spaciousness and see all the features, we're sure you will want to take it home on a permanent basis.

Wilson County Hyundai makes it easy to do just that with our Sonata purchase and lease specials. We combine Hyundai factory incentives with our own deep discounts in order to provide some of the best values on Hyundai vehicles in the state of Tennessee.

The Refreshed & Rejuvenated 2018 Sonata

While it's not technically a complete redesign, it might as well be. Hyundai has restyled and rejuvenated the 2018 Sonata, making it an even better value than ever. Options and features are improved across the board and Hyundai even enhanced driving dynamics in the midsized sedan for the 2018 model year.

Wilson County Hyundai shoppers can choose from seven different trim levels on the 2018 Sonata:

  • SE
  • Eco
  • SEL
  • Sport
  • Limited
  • Sport 2.0T
  • Limited 2.0T

As noted earlier, when you first approach the 2018 Sonata you'll notice drastic styling differences compared to last year's model. Practically every exterior element of the sedan was reworked from the front end to the new cascading grille design.

Also brand new for the 2018 model year is the SEL trim. It's a nice step above the two base trims and gives you more premium options without a staggering increase in price.

The History of the Hyundai Sonata

Looking for a legitimate contender to thwart the dominance of the Accord and Camry, Hyundai released the Sonata to the North American market in 1989. The Sonata was launched with a superior price point to the competition, and Hyundai focused on this factor almost exclusively during its first years on the market.

Responding to consumer feedback, Hyundai launched the second generation of the Sonata in 2006. This model Sonata moved the midsized sedan past a mere "value proposition" into a solid contender in the segment. It came with many features as standard equipment that other automakers only included on higher trim levels or charged extra for.

As the quality ratings for the Sonata improved during the ensuing years, the vehicle became Hyundai's flagship model. The Sonata's price remains below that of the competition and that combined with the strong powertrain warranty continues to be responsible for the midsized sedan's success to this day.

Why Purchase or Lease a Sonata at Wilson County Hyundai?

You'll find the Sonata along with all the rest of the award-winning Hyundai models on sale every day at Wilson County Hyundai. We invite you to shop all our new and used vehicles online and then come by our dealership for a test drive at 1310 W Main Street Lebanon, TN 37087.