Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport


Santa Fe vs. Santa Fe Sport

The Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport are two of the most popular crossover models on the market. Both vehicles offer efficient powertrain options, a number of standard and available safety features, a comfortable interior, and so much more. Despite the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport sharing a same name, these two crossovers are actually quite different. Discover the differences between these two fuel-efficient crossovers, then visit Wilson County Hyundai to test drive both models!

Which Crossover Is Bigger: The Hyundai Santa Fe vs. The Santa Fe Sport

The biggest difference between these two crossovers is the size of the vehicle. The Santa Fe offers a bit more storage room, power, and capability features, while the Santa Fe Sport is more sporty and efficient. The Santa Fe has an impressive 146.6 cubic feet of total passenger space, in addition to the 80 cubic feet of cargo space. You'll find three rows of passenger seating in the Santa Fe, while the Santa Fe Sport only has two rows. Each crossover offers comfortable leather interior and plenty of cargo space, however, if you do need the extra cargo room, we recommend that you opt for the Santa Fe.

Does the Santa Fe have a Bigger Engine than the Santa Fe Sport?

When it comes to finding the crossover that delivers more power, the Santa Fe wins by just a bit. The Santa Fe has a 290-horsepower 3.3L GDI DOHC 24-valve V6 engine. In comparison, the Sport "base" model has a 185-horsepower engine. If you upgrade to the Sport 2.0T or Sport 2.0T Ultimate, you'll get 240 horsepower from its 2.0L 4-cylinder engine turbo. The Sport crossover is a bit more fuel efficient as well, offering 23 MPG on the highway, compared to the Santa Fe's 20 MPG.

Interior Features of the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport

Inside, you'll find many of the same features within the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. For example, you can integrate your phone thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The multi-view camera system gives you a 360 degree view so you can see people and objects right on the touchscreen in front of you. Plus, available rear parking sensors help you safely back up in crowded parking lots.

Compare the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport at Wilson County Hyundai

Choosing between the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport really comes down to your unique preferences. If you need more space, we recommend opting for the three-row Santa Fe. Want a ride that's agile? Choose the Santa Fe Sport. Fortunately, you can shop and compare the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport near Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Lebanon, TN at Wilson County Hyundai! Our large inventory is filled with each versatile crossover, so you can test drive them and decide for yourself. Take a moment to browse new the new Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport online, then visit our dealership in Lebanon, TN!